Emmanuel Evangelical Church

Emmanuel Evangelical Church is an independent church of Christian believers in Hersham, Surrey. We meet to honour and worship the Lord in a very simple way, with no frills and without a preset form of words.

We accept the Bible as inspired by God. We seek to learn and follow Bible principles for the church and for our own lives in the present day, and to make known the forgiveness and reconciliation that God offers.

All sincere people are welcome to the service of the Lord's Supper. However, taking the bread and wine at the Lord's table is a mark of allegiance to Him. So we do expect those who have not yet definitely committed themselves to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and salvation not to eat the bread and drink the wine.

Service and meeting times

  • Sunday, 9:30am, Service (first Sunday of the month)
  • Sunday, 6pm, Service (venue as announced)
  • Monday, 7pm, Bible study and prayer
  • Thursday, 11am, Bible study and prayer


The map below shows our location in Snellings Road, Hersham.

History of Emmanuel Evangelical Church

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries there were no church buildings in the village. Hersham was very much isolated from Walton-on-Thames and the villagers had to rely on itinerant preachers.

There was no Church of England building in the village and the locals were mostly non-conformists. They belonged to the Methodists of Congregationalists, or to a small group of believers who met together in a simple Biblical way to break bread together and have a gospel meeting. Emmanuel Evangelical Church’s roots began with the latter of the three.

It took some time for these early believers to purchase land in the village and construct a building in which to worship. Eventually, in around 1895, the believers put together their very own place of worship in Snellings Road.

The building was originally made from material that came to hand and that they could afford. It was recorded by one person that when the wind blew, the corrugated iron and wooden slats rattled and it was quite draughty inside. The building was simply called The Gospel Hall. Here they remained until the August 1944 when a stray doodlebug exploded in North Road during the Second World War causing much damage to the church building.

After the war was over the congregation began the task to rebuild their hall. This time it was built of brick. Mr Bartlett was the elder of the meeting at this time. He and his family had just moved into the village having returned from the Canary Islands where he had been a missionary for many years.

All through the fifties it flourished with very strong youth work and a women's meeting. In 1962 the new building was finished and renamed Emmanuel Undenominational Church. The new hall was packed to capacity at its breaking of bread meeting on Sunday mornings, the evangelical gospel meeting on Sunday evenings and the mid-week Bible studies.

The village began growing in size and in the late 1960s houses were hard to come by and very expensive. As a result, all of the young people who married left the fellowship to go and live in a less expensive area like Woking. Slowly the congregation began to dwindle in size. The swinging sixties didn't help matters as many in society began to turn to drugs and flower power as an alternative to Christianity.

The Emmanuel fellowship remained faithful and began building back up again the 1970s. Mr Bartlett remained the elder right up until he went to be with the Lord in 1993. He had hoped to see his 100th birthday by sadly just missed it.

The eldership then passed on to Robert Ansted and at that time the numbers had declined to just four people. It was decided that the church should continue and not close down. It was very difficult times but with the Lord's help, numbers began to increase.

On 7 October 1995 a centenary celebration was held and the hall was packed out. In 1996 Ernie Graham joined the fellowship with his family and became an elder.

The hall was completely refurbished in 2003 and changed its name to Emmanuel Evangelical Church.

The fellowship is actively involved with Hersham Churches Together.

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